3 Things to Look for in a CrossFit Gym

Things to look for in a CrossFit gym - CrossFit Redux members

With the popularity of CrossFit these days, there is likely to be more than one CrossFit gym in your area. And if you take the time to look up CrossFit gyms in your area, we’re going to assume that you are serious about starting.

With these 3 things to look for in a CrossFit gym, we’re going to try and make it as easy as possible for you. That being said, admittedly sometimes it will just be trial and error. And other times it will just fit for you.

Fundamentals or Introductory Program

The first thing you need to look for in joining a CrossFit gym is whether or not they have a Fundamentals or Introductory program. Many CrossFit gyms offer a free class, or even a free week, without offering any type of proper technique class or classes.

If you have extensive CrossFit experience, that’s one thing. But many people are looking to get into CrossFit for the first time. And a Fundamentals Program that covers proper technique, as well as how to optimize the CrossFit methodology specifically for you, is essential.


The second thing you should consider when looking for a CrossFit gym is the cost. If a gym is promoting a Groupon-type deal, or anything less than $100 per month, then the program is most likely lacking in all-around effectiveness.

CrossFit is a form of group training, but not like Bootcamp group training. I’ve been in CrossFit for a while now and have seen the good and the bad. And there is a fair share of bad!

Unlike Bootcamp, CrossFit involves gymnastics and Olympic lifting, which are two sports by themselves. So to spend time coaching those movements correctly and in a safe manner takes coaches who are committed to their craft. A typical gym trainer, outside of CrossFit, will put you on a machine and probably check text messages while you’re on your 5th rep.

If health and long-term goals are important to you, then why should cost be the bottom line? Most people more money keeping their cars looking good and running perfectly than they do on keeping their bodies looking good and running perfectly.


The third, and probably most important, thing to look for in a CrossFit gym is the culture. Do you feel welcome when you come in the door? Do the members, no matter what skill level and how long they have been there, make you feel welcome? Do the coaches understand and adjust to whether you are new or have limitations?

The overall feel of the community should play a big role in your decision and it starts with the coaches. Your experience should be a fun one!! You’re going to be uncomfortable in the workout, but the culture and vibe of your time there should be fun. Hopefully an unforgettable experience that makes you want to come back for more!

So in deciding to go with a CrossFit gym, make sure it fits your goals and needs. But more importantly, make sure you feel like you can be yourself! We all started in different places with CrossFit. If the beginning of it doesn’t involve proper support from coaches and a welcoming community, then why waste your money and, most importantly, your precious time?

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