CrossFit After Pregnancy: 5 Things You Must Know

CrossFit after pregnancy. CrossFit Redux.

You’ve spent the better part of a year creating a new life. You know that CrossFit after pregnancy is going to be a little different, but you’re not sure how. Well, after dealing with CrossFit after pregnancy twice now, I’d really like to share some of the things I’ve experienced.

Some of them are good. And some of them are not so good. But they’re all part of the best thing possible – being a mother.

You will pee your pants

It’s really unfortunate and inevitable, but all of us have been there (maybe we’re still there!). The good thing is that we can share a laugh with you on those days where there are double unders and box jumps.

Pro-tip: Try to wear black on days with double unders and/or box jumps…

Your body will feel different

It takes almost 10 months for your body to grow a beautiful little baby. When you’re finally able to make it back into the gym, be gentle with yourself. Everything will be awkward, feel out of place, and your body will be bigger (or smaller) in certain places.

The best support I have ever received is from other mothers who are doing CrossFit after pregnancy. Meredith Douglass

Go Easy On Yourself

It’s hard to leave your little bundle of joy for a WOD, so don’t feel guilty if you just want to cuddle on the couch. They don’t stay little for very long. And your box will always be there to support you – so savor those precious moments with your babe.

You may need to slow down

If you’re like me, you want to come back and jump on those rings and bust out large sets of muscle-ups. But frankly, that’s really not a reality unless this was your caliber of fitness during your pregnancy.

CrossFit After Pregnancy

I did WOD all the way up to my due-date. But when my little miss decided to take her time, I sat the last two weeks of that pregnancy on the couch enjoying way too much Ben & Jerry’s. Hey, it happens.

My point being, that when you do make it back to your CrossFit after pregnancy, expect your level of fitness to decrease (either a lot or a little). The WODs will be challenging again, you will be out of breath, you might even hate it.

But Don’t Stop!

The love for this sport will soon resurface and you will start to enjoy it again. I promise.


What a loaded topic! If you are breastfeeding and doing CrossFit, I suggest staying away from the diets at your gym or your usual “go-to” to lose weight. I began following the Paleo approach a couple of months after having my son and I truly felt it negatively affected my milk supply and also the quality of my milk.

After having my daughter, I decided a different, less exclusive, approach would help ease my mind and not affect the supply or quality of my milk. It worked better for me. However, understand that everyone is different.

Bonus Topic: ENJOY the journey!

I remember coming back barely being able to squat within 50 pounds of my old 1 Rep Max. It was like I was a newcomer all over again!

I got to go through all these Benchmark WODs and “PR” every time we did them! I was given the gift of having a new beginning and was presented with new challenges to conquer.

It fueled my fire all over again and I was reminded why I LOVE this community and the sport.

CrossFit After Pregnancy

Remember mama, you are not alone. The community of moms are here to support you and help laugh with you through this crazy, hectic time of raising mini-firebreathers. Come join us as we trudge the road to happy destiny!

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