Eliminate Carb and Sugar Cravings

Eliminate Carb and Sugar Cravings

I have recently released my free 4-part detox video training series. The first video details 5 keys to a successful detox. One of these 5 keys is actually the most important nutrition tip for you if you’re looking to avoid any kind of carb and sugar cravings.

But unfortunately, it’s something that most doctors and nutritionists don’t know about. This tip is so important and I mention it pretty much everywhere I go.

NEVER eat carbohydrates alone. Eating fat and protein alone is okay, but never eat carbohydrates alone. To explain why, I’ll use a banana as an example.

Most people think that bananas are healthy. I mean, you gotta get your potassium, right?!

Well, there are much healthier ways to get your potassium than a banana. Try eating some green, leafy vegetables. They have more potassium per serving than bananas do.

But most people would rather eat a banana than green, leafy vegetables. Because they taste better.

Yeah – because bananas have a ton of sugar. Listen, bananas are not a health food. Especially if you eat them by themselves like most people do.

The most important nutrition tip is to never eat carbohydrates alone. If you avoid eating carbs alone, you can say goodbye to sugar cravings forever.Nathan Brammeier

So, when you eat that banana by itself, it goes down into the stomach. The stomach, of course, is acidic . . . hydrochloric acid. Now, carbohydrates cannot digest in an acidic medium. Carbohydrates need a basic medium to digest. A more alkaline medium.

And because the stomach is acid, the stomach says to the banana, “There’s nothing I can do for you here – move on to the small intestine.” (Yes, all those sounds your stomach makes is it talking to the food you’ve just eaten…) 🙂

The small intestine is a more alkaline medium. This is where carbohydrates are digested and absorbed.

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So within just a few short minutes of eating that banana by itself, yo’uve got sugar coursing through your blood stream. And as a result, you get a release of insulin. That insulin pulls the sugar into cells so that the cells can utilize the sugar for energy.

And because all that sugar gets pulled into cells, your blood sugar drops. This blood sugar drop causes cortisol release. And cortisol tells you, “I’m hungry. Eat some sugar so I can get my blood sugar back to normal.” (Not only does the stomach talk, but so do hormones!!)

This is a very important point that I don’t want you to miss. Did you catch it?

Cortisol tells you “I’m hungry.”

It says, “Eat more sugar.”

Hello carb cravings.

Hello sugar cravings.

So, if you suffer from cravings, listen close. Your hormones are going on a roller coaster ride. Your body is busy at work trying to balance your hormones – and you’re messing everything up simply by eating carbohydrates by themselves.

Eliminate Carb and Sugar Cravings

Eating carbs by themselves leads to an insulin spike, which then leads to low blood sugar. Low blood sugar leads to cortisol release, which is where the cravings come from. Then you eat sugar again and the hormonal roller coaster ride continues.

Okay, so how do we keep our hormones balanced and avoid the carb and sugar cravings?

Simply add fat and protein to every meal. Every time you eat a meal, make sure you add fat and protein, especially fat.

You see, fats and proteins need an acidic medium to digest. So when you include fat and protein for your meals, your stomach keeps the food in there and slowly releases it to the small intestine as the food is digesting in the stomach.

This slow release keeps all of your hormones nice and level throughout the day.

So the next time you eat a banana, be sure to add some peanut butter or almond butter. You’ll stay satiated throughout the day and you’ll eliminate those carb and sugar cravings forever.

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