5 Health Benefits of Kombucha

CrossFit Redux discusses 5 Health Benefits of Kombucha

The health benefits of kombucha have been known for around 2000 years. And recently it’s been gaining popularity. But there are still many people that don’t know what kombucha is. Kombucha is fermented sweetened tea. So you’re basically taking tea (black, oolong, and/or green), sweetening it with sugar, and them fermenting it with a SCOBY. Wait . . . with …


What CrossFit RX means to every day CrossFitters

CrossFit Rx heavy barbell CrossFit Redux

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, you know what the CrossFit Rx means. It changes from day to day depending on what the workout is. But because CrossFit has turned into a sport, the standards for “Rx” have gotten so out of control with heavy weight and crazy movements, gymnasts won’t even try! We often think of gymnasts …

Training Through Injury – This Way or That Way?

CrossFit Redux Training Through Injury

It is inevitable. If you are serious about training, injury WILL happen on some level at some point. It could be as simple as a ripped hand from pull-ups or as devastating as a broken ankle from a box jump gone bad. In either case, you have 2 choices moving forward. Training Through Injury This Way “That really hurt, I …