May 2017

Jerod Flohr

Jerod Flohr has quickly become a permanent fixture at CrossFit Redux. Over the past several months, Jerod’s ambition to improve his health has improved dramatically. Jerod is always asking questions (a good thing!) and eager to get extra work in when his schedule allows.

Jerod has been absolutely transformed over the past couple of months. He has been persistent in trying to learn more about nutrition and lifestyle. We LOVE watching people grow to include all aspects of a healthy lifestyle – not just the hour spent in the gym. Although, now that Jerod has started our Strength and Muscle Growth program, he’s definitely in more than an hour at a time. He continues to push himself and has already started to see the benefits.

Jerod, we’re very grateful to have you as a member of Redux. We are extremely impressed with you over these past couple of months. How eager you are to continuously learn more. We’re excited to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to see what this year brings for you!

Jerod’s Interview

New Day for Children. A charity dedicated to helping children recover from sex trafficking.
The most challenging aspect of CrossFit for me was just getting the motivation to get to class. There’s always an excuse to be found to miss a class. I had to stop being a baby and push myself!

I also found that my goal of 3 classes per week (which is better than nothing) led me to cherry picking 3 classes on the “easy” days. I no longer do that. I overcame it by making the classes a set part of my schedule and going every possible day.

Here’s my advice, focus on learning proper form first and foremost. Treat your diet plan with the same seriousness as you do your workouts. As I was painfully reminded today, you need good fuel to improve and achieve your goals.

Jerod had eaten a basket of buffalo wings before coming to class…

That’s easy, I’d want to be able to fly!!!

Jerod’s a pilot…

I enjoy power cleans more than deadlifts. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always felt that I was more naturally good at them than deadlifts!
I chose CrossFit Redux after doing research and interviewing several other gyms/coaches. Nathan and Dave struck a different chord with me, a very important one. They both care and demonstrate that proper form is more important than how much or how fast you can do something. (The opposite of how many CrossFit coaches seem to think). I have a previous serious injury and that’s something that I feel like Dave keeps in mind and although I get pushed to be better, I’m never pushed to the point of feeling unsafe.

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