August 2016

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is a member of the CrossFit Redux power family: The Smiths. We are lucky enough to have Bernard, Rachael, Ryan, and our member of the month for August, 2016, Michelle, as members of CrossFit Redux.
Michelle is about as determined as they come. She never takes any shortcuts during WODs and is always up for anything. Especially a WOD that has running.
Michelle has such a genuine and caring soul. She is always eager to learn and then pass on her knowledge. Get to know her – you won’t regret it for a second. Thank you Michelle, and the entire Smith family, for making us a part of your journey! We are truly blessed because of you.

Michelle’s Interview

Definitely not my thing. I was all about the small, quiet, ethereal, lavender-smelling pilates studio under the watchful eye of a smart, well-trained instructor. Except for the smart, well-trained instructor, it’s obviously the antithesis of a CrossFit box. So my transition took some time.
I viewed my time at CrossFit as an activity to do with my family. My goal was, and still is, to move functionally. Fast forward, I’ve gotten stronger, look different, and have greater ability in all my activities. I’ve even been known to peek at the 55+ year old athletes in the sport.

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