December 2016

Laura Travis and Nick Culum

Laura Travis and Nick Culum are still relatively new members of CrossFit Redux. But they have certainly taken us by storm! They are consistent members of the 5:30am morning crew but have definitely been known to check out all the classes throughout the day. They are both outstanding athletes with a huge desire to continue learning.

The most impressive thing about both of them is their continuous desire to learn about everything CrossFit has to offer. There is nothing either one of them won’t try. They are so determined to master all of the movements that they often spend extra time in the gym.

Aside from that, they are two of the nicest people you’ll meet. They both have an infectious smile and always bring a ton of feel-good energy to every class they attend. Thank you Nick and Laura for letting us be a part of your journey!

Nick and Laura’s Interview

Laura and Nick met at the Marriott in Walnut Creek 3 years ago. They have been together over 2 years and Redux has only made them stronger 😉
Nick was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. After hours of intensive dance training, Nick and 14 other children became involved in a highly public, child-abuse lawsuit with Disney and lost the case. They settled out of court for a small sum, but as of today, Nick still knows how to dance at least.
Surprisingly, Laura isn’t much of a car person, but enjoys telling the guys what to do. It is fun when a Bentley or Lamborghini pulls in from time to time because only the boss can park them.
Nick would be Samantha Briggs and Laura would be Josh Bridges, just so they could get weird. #YOLO

Either would love to beat whoever is the “fittest on earth” at that moment.

Whatever is closest when they are hungry.
Nick and Laura were looking for a hobby/program they could both participate in together. They’ve always loved working out at the gym, but wanted a change of pace and intensity.
Laura has a slimmer foot, so she wears Metcons. Nick has a wider foot, so he wears Nanos. They don’t treat shoe preferences like sports teams, if that is what you’re asking!

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