January 2017

Marybeth Taylor

Marybeth is still a relatively new member of CrossFit Redux. But her tenacity and desire to learn are without compare. If you’ve met Marybeth, you normally wouldn’t think of “tenacity” as a way to describe her because she is the sweetest person on earth. But once the WOD starts, she gets after it!

We LOVE having Marybeth in class because she is so eager to learn. She focuses more than anyone while the coaches give their instructions. And is able to put what she just learned into practice without hesitation.

Marybeth has been a true blessing to CrossFit Redux. She is strong in her faith and is a wonderful influence on the other members. And we’re even more excited now that her husband, Garrett, will be joining us. Thank you, Marybeth and Garrett, for allowing us to be a part of your journey!

Marybeth’s Interview

Truthfully I struggled most with the idea of spending money to exercise when I had previously had a happy life of running and outdoor activities for exercise, which of course, cost nothing. But I began to desire a more structured and intense workout program, and I had no foundation in proper technique to do it on my own.

So, with one foot in and one foot out, I began with just a monthly membership. I have since experienced so many wonderful benefits to being part of the Redux family, that include and extend far beyond physical fitness. The monthly cost now seems a small sacrifice for the huge rewards of doing CrossFit!

I would tell them that the beauty of CrossFit is that you only need enough strength and motivation to walk through the front door. Each time I go to the gym, something magical happens and all the energy I need to do a workout is there for me, coming through the support of the coaches, my friends there, the music, and fun environment and other things I can’t even put my finger on!

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