March 2017

Nora Arieta

Nora Arieta has been an amazing addition to CrossFit Redux. If you want to know the definition of consistency, you’ll find it in Nora. She shows up 4-5 times per week and is always ready to get after it.

But that’s not how she first appears. Nora has a calm demeanor so you wouldn’t really expect her to attack the WODs. But that’s exactly what she does. She’s always eager to learn and then apply what she learned to the workout. Her continued desire to improve herself is becoming more and more apparent. She is taking her nutrition more seriously and has recently had great success with the Detox Kit and has moved on to the GreenTein Kit.

Nora, we’re so thankful to have you as such a consistent member of Redux. We are extremely impressed at the progression you’ve shown since the first day you stepped through our doors. We’re excited to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to see what this year brings for you!

Nora’s Interview

The most challenging aspect of CrossFit, has and is learning to to it correctly. And feeling at first that I could not do it.

At first I was afraid to join. Fundamentals really helped. The Detox Kit really helped getting me off toxic eating although I still struggle.

For someone new, my advice is to stick with it and give it time. At least 6 months, really a year would be better. It was very awkward for me at first.
I have a fear of heights, so my superpower would be to fly. I’d be in control and maybe wouldn’t fear it.
Definitely a 400m all-almost out sprint over the burpees.
My son recommended Redux and I felt more comfortable than other gyms. People were friendlier, the best coaches, and I was always treated like I was capable of doing it and progressing at the work outs. Now it would be difficult to leave this gym.

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