May 2016

Virginia Gonzales

Virginia Gonzales has been an incredible addition to CrossFit Redux. She is well deserving of being the first Member of the Month on the new CrossFit Redux website.
Virginia always comes in with a great attitude, ready to rock the WOD, and always willing to help out. What impresses me most about Virginia is her tenacity. No matter the workout, she shows up ready to give an all-out effort each and every time.
Virginia is coming off an amazing accomplishment. She participated in the CrossFit Games Open for the first time and ended up 44th in her division in Northern California. But even more amazing, she finished 423 out of the 1211 women that signed up in her division worldwide!!
Congratulations Virginia – you are a real inspiration. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

Virginia’s Interview

I do CrossFit because I enjoy the variety of the workouts. Every day is different.
The reason I chose Redux was because of the welcoming I received by Dave and all the staff. I also chose Redux because I was wanting more out of movements that I was trying to improve on.
For example, after a second try I was able to do a partial rope climb. I knew after doing this that this was the place for me. Also, some of my movements I was already doing got adjusted and I realized the better mechanics of them.