October 2016

Meena Venkat

Meena Venkat has been an incredible addition to CrossFit Redux. She has only been with us for a few months but has already made some amazing progress.

With Meena, you better not judge the book by its cover. She gets after every workout with high intensity and pushes all the way to the end. She will not quit. She will not give up. Meena is as determined as they come.

Meena, we thank you for being part of our family. We’re super excited to see how far you can go!

Meena’s Interview

Prior to joining CrossFit Redux, I was already going to Zumba Fitness and although it was helping to burn calories, it was not much help in terms of fat loss and strength. I realized that I needed something different for fat loss and staying in shape. I also needed something that was sporty to keep it interesting. I heard about CrossFit being effective and decided to check it out. And I’m grateful I did.

I came in with an open mind and saw the positive environment created by the coaches and the rest of the other athletes.

For a newbie, the Fundamentals were invaluable. Without going through Fundamentals, it is not possible to do the WODs. It gave a preview of what CrossFit is like and helped me decide right away that this is something I that I want to do.
For me, it is the immediate positive changes in my body. Positive changes in metabolism and I love the way I look after starting CrossFit and thankful for the way it has toned my body.

The coaches are very friendly, guide me through the workouts, and at the same time allow me to modify the workout because they know each body is different.

My favorite way to spend time outside of CrossFit is to talk and post about CrossFit in social network 🙂

I love to go to restaurants and eat delicious food. I love shopping and fashion.

Don’t be intimidated. The intensity of the workout is tailored to every individual’s body. Don’t compare your workout efforts with anyone else.

Pick a box that has friendly coaches and are flexible towards your workout and see the results for yourself.

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