September 2016

Ian Mendoza

Ian Mendoza is such an amazing member. He truly embodies CrossFit Redux. Laid back, always with a smile on his face, always having fun, and always willing to help out when needed.

Ian’s consistency and determination, especially through injury, is an incredible example to all of our members. We love having him as part of the family.

Thank you, Ian, for being such an enjoyable addition to our family and such a positive example to others.

Ian’s Interview

I was overweight and borderline diabetic. For a short guy like me, I was weighing 175 lbs at my heaviest. I started going to the gym and would workout for at least two hours. After doing the same routine for two years, I got bored and felt that I needed something more. I was also training for a marathon when I got rhabdomyolysis (if you don’t know what that is, just Google and see how serious the condition is) and was hospitalized for a week.

This was exactly what I needed to restart my fitness and health lifestyle. After about 3 months of resting, and getting back to feeling like my old self, I went to a CrossFit box in San Ramon. After my first workout, I knew I found a new fitness routine that I would enjoy. CrossFit always challenges me and makes me humble that there is always something I need to improve.

CrossFit Redux made me feel right at home from the first time I met Dave. CrossFit Redux is really a second family to me. I just know that when I’m having a hard day that I can go to CrossFit Redux, chat with my friends, play with the kids, and I will feel supported and encouraged.

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