5 Ways to Break Through Mental CrossFit Barriers

Breaking through Mental CrossFit Barriers

Have you ever found yourself stressed out or nervous 3 minutes before a CrossFit WOD (“Nervous pee” anyone!!)?

Or maybe 4 minutes into a workout you’re wondering why you even pay for this type of torture.

These are mental CrossFit barriers that are all too common with not only CrossFit, but sports in general.

Mental CrossFit Barriers

Imagine if we could find the mindset to approach a workout or a task with complete calm and confidence. This could have a drastic impact on our results and push us past those mental CrossFit barriers.

There are many different ways to approach this. Training and experience are the most effective. But that, of course, takes time.

Here are 5 ways you can see change now:

Don’t believe the hype

After a workout or an event, you’ll always hear people say, “Man, that was a grinder” or, “That was terrible, I should have stayed home”. Hearing this before you get into a WOD can have a negative impact on your performance.

Block it out and come up with your own conclusion. Maybe you’re just stronger and cooler than they are!

Trust Your Body

You need to know that you can do this. Your mind controls it all. When your mind is strong, your body is stronger so believe in YOU. Everyone has a point when their body gets uncomfortable and the most appealing thing to do is to stop or slow down. This is your opportunity to push forward and become mentally stronger.

If you can just push beyond this point every time you train, you WILL get stronger. Your body and your mind need that demand to grow. If you stay within your comfort zone, your body will never think it is strong enough for the task at hand.

Trust yourself. Mental strength translates to performance.

Accept your fate

Most of us tend to fight the pain in the early stages of a workout. We find ourselves flustered, unhappy and wondering why we’re here. You are wasting energy and your results will show that. This is particularly true for longer, chipper-style workouts. By the time you get to round 3 of 10, it can feel like it will take years to get to the end.

You must have the mentality of acceptance during these workouts so you can relax and focus all of your energy on the work you have to do. No need to fight it.

Have just a little attitude (confidence)

Imagine you are getting ready to bet on a fight. The two opponents have the same experience and the same physique. But one of them comes across as comfortable, confident, and has a little attitude. This fighter looks ready.

Then you look at the other opponent. Same amount of experience, looks just as buff as the other guy, but his body language and demeanor are completely different. This fighter looks nervous, uncomfortable, and maybe a little scared.

Which fighter would you bet on? My money goes to the one that looks confident and sure of himself. That is the one with the advantage because his mind is in a good place.

Stay in control

When we are exhausted, there is always a point where the wheels start falling off. This is beyond the point of a productive push. This usually means you have gone out too fast and now you are just trying to survive.

Catch your breath and stay in control. When you get sloppy, it is not only inefficient, but it can be dangerous.

This all seems easy enough, right? As with anything, it takes practice. So remember, do not beat yourself up when things don’t go as planned.

No matter how strong your game plan is, things change. We all need to be able to adapt and ride the wave as it changes around us. We call it “training” for a reason.

It is impossible to win every day so just enjoy the ride.

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