The Real Reason Why CrossFit Works

CrossFit Redux - Concord, CA. The Real Reason CrossFit Works

If you know anything about how CrossFit works, you know that it breeds a lot of people that are in-shape. Well, at least they look in-shape. Especially because ESPN airs the “in-shape Olympics” every summer called The CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games athletes, just like any other professional athlete, put in a ton of hard work to hopefully be crowned …


Are you ready for CrossFit?

Ready for CrossFit? CrossFit Redux

Do you feel like you may not be ready for CrossFit? If you’re like many people, you may be thinking, “I can’t do CrossFit. I need to get into shape before I start.” We hear this all the time. Whether it’s someone who is considered a gym rat or someone who has never worked out before. The truth of the …

3 Things to Look for in a CrossFit Gym

Things to look for in a CrossFit gym - CrossFit Redux members

With the popularity of CrossFit these days, there is likely to be more than one CrossFit gym in your area. And if you take the time to look up CrossFit gyms in your area, we’re going to assume that you are serious about starting. With these 3 things to look for in a CrossFit gym, we’re going to try and …


What CrossFit RX means to every day CrossFitters

CrossFit Rx heavy barbell CrossFit Redux

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, you know what the CrossFit Rx means. It changes from day to day depending on what the workout is. But because CrossFit has turned into a sport, the standards for “Rx” have gotten so out of control with heavy weight and crazy movements, gymnasts won’t even try! We often think of gymnasts …

Training Through Injury – This Way or That Way?

CrossFit Redux Training Through Injury

It is inevitable. If you are serious about training, injury WILL happen on some level at some point. It could be as simple as a ripped hand from pull-ups or as devastating as a broken ankle from a box jump gone bad. In either case, you have 2 choices moving forward. Training Through Injury This Way “That really hurt, I …

5 Ways to Break Through Mental CrossFit Barriers

Breaking through Mental CrossFit Barriers

Have you ever found yourself stressed out or nervous 3 minutes before a CrossFit WOD (“Nervous pee” anyone!!)? Or maybe 4 minutes into a workout you’re wondering why you even pay for this type of torture. These are mental CrossFit barriers that are all too common with not only CrossFit, but sports in general. Mental CrossFit Barriers Imagine if we …