Training Through Injury – This Way or That Way?

CrossFit Redux Training Through Injury

It is inevitable.

If you are serious about training, injury WILL happen on some level at some point. It could be as simple as a ripped hand from pull-ups or as devastating as a broken ankle from a box jump gone bad. In either case, you have 2 choices moving forward.

Training Through Injury This Way

“That really hurt, I think I am going to sit down for a while”

This is where your injury affects you to the point of taking a break from training altogether. Of course, this is what your body wants. When something hurts and it is uncomfortable, the most appealing thing to do is stop doing what caused the pain in the first place . . . training.

The problem here is that 3 days can turn into a week and a week can turn into 3 weeks. The further you get away from training while trying to “recover”, the harder it will be to come back. All of that time spent developing your routine is now in jeopardy.

Believe me, rest and recovery is important. In fact, it is essential for physical growth. But it takes some serious discipline to keep your rest under control.

If you find yourself still on the sidelines a month after a minor injury, you may need to re-visit your goals and train through injury.Adam Douglass

What is it that you want out of the gym or your training?

Have you gained back unwanted weight?

Has your mood changed?

Is your energy gone?

These are all things that training, even training through injury, can help with. You would be surprised at the positive things in your life that are there just because of the time you spend in the gym taking care of your body.

Training Through Injury That Way

It hurts when I do this. What else can I do?”

One incredible strength the human body has is that it is resourceful. No matter what disadvantage you have, injury or disability, there is always a way to work through or around. It can make you feel like a real ass when you see a video of a buff guy with a prosthetic leg doing squat cleans while you are sitting on the couch with a tight quad waiting for it to heal.

Do not ever sell yourself short. We are capable of some pretty amazing thing. YouTube can back me up on that.

Injury is an opportunity to not only work on weakness, but to come back stronger and smarter than you were before. For example, we learn that whatever movement tweaked your back, could probably use some technical attention.

We also learn that we can still be strong no matter how broken we feel. Injuries are telling you exactly what area need attention.

There is no guess-work needed here. It may be that you need to build strength in one area. Or maybe you need to spend more time mobilizing and warming up before you get into a high intensity workout or heavy lift. Or very possibly, you need to revisit the fundamentals of technique.

If you broke your arm jumping off the roof in a backyard wrestling match, that one is easy . . . jump off something lower next time. Like a table.

Training through injury isn’t rocket science. Just keep your head and heart in the game. That will give you the push you need to let your body find a way. Talk to coaches and/or intelligent sources about ways to scale movement as you re-build and recover.

Just do not stop moving.

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